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Veteran Player Wins $5 Million

NORTH CANTON– With more than 50 winning claims, he’s been an Ohio Lottery player since 1992. Veteran lottery player Robert Jenei of Strasburg made history again, winning $250,000 yearly for 20 years after scratching the Ohio Lottery’s $5 Million Cash Blowout instant.

A $5 million prize, Jenei chose the cash option. After mandatory withholding federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, he receives lump sum payment of $1,775,000 that he will use for retirement.

The owner of Jenei Drilling says he’s been working for 53 years building water wells. He says he plays lottery games because they are fun and challenging. Adding to his win, that same day he won a tpd entry into the Lottery’s Mega Multiplier for a chance to win $250,000.

Jenei purchased the winning ticket from Fro’s Drive Thru & Car Wash. Located at 933 N Wooster Avenue in Strasburg, this retailer receives a $10,000 bonus for selling a top prize winning ticket. 
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