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Twenty-nine Split $2 Million Powerball Prize

DAYTON – Playing together for one year paid off for a group of 29. Calling themselves the Sign Source Group, they won $2,000,000 after having all five Power Ball numbers and the Power Play number in the April 17, 2013 Powerball drawing.

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent, each receives $48,965.Group members are: Adlfo Del Real, Kevin Kelly, Sarah Sinthalaphone, Daniel Brinkman, Maria Gutierrez, Ronda, Phanmaha, Kittikhoun, Dakota and Somtakoun Southibounnorath, Jeff Pisel, Blanche Carpenter, Ronald McAdams, Vongprachanh Sompaseuth, Dua Thao, Venus Calhoun, Joseph Pisel, Maggie Foust, Tiffney Elguera, Srisongkham Lomkham, Patrick McMichael, Dwayne Bunch, Stephanie Phalen, Bruce Boop, Jason Sneed, Christina Eley, Tracy Traylor, Kenneth Armentrout and Joseph Nicely.

Just Smokes #6
in Lima sold the winning ticket. Located at 200 N. Metcalf St., Just Smokes receives a $1,000 agent bonus. Sneed, of the group said they have been playing this set of numbers for one year that had been purchased originally as an auto pick. Since winning a second-tier Powerball jackpot he said others have joined the group.
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