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Six Play and Win over $178,000 in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI - Six players in the Cincinnati area won in total $178,474 playing Ohio Lottery games. Thelma Rudie of Middletown won $6,751 playing EZPLAY Perfect Game 300. Steve Harrell of Cincinnati won $11,189 on EZPLAY Perfect Game 300. Thomas Ryan of Norwood won $12,328 on EZPLAY Perfect Game 300. Deborah Tudor of Cincinnati won $13,206 playing KENO. Joseph Wooldridge of Fairfield won $25,000 in the January 21, 2013 evening Pick 5 game. Smith Samuel of Forest Park won $110,000 after matching all five numbers in the January 28, 2013 Rolling Cash 5 game.

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 29 percent are withheld, Rudie receives $4,793; Harrell receives $7,944; Ryan receives $8,752; Tudor receives $9,376; Wooldridge receives $17,750 and Samuel receives $78,100.

Samuel purchased the winning five of five Rolling Cash 5 ticket from Grab N Go in Fairfield. He picked the numbers. Grab N Go receives a $500 agent bonus for selling a five-of-five Rolling Cash 5 ticket.

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