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Collecting Half

NORTH CANTON - A resident of Akron will collect half of a $165,000 jackpot after having five numbers in the Rolling Cash 5 game. William T. Jones won $82,500 in the June 26 Rolling Cash 5 game after having one of two tickets sold in the drawing,

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent are withheld, Jones receives $56,868.

Jones purchased the winning ticket from Rocky’s Market. He picked the winning numbers, 2-4-15-23-31. Located at 1281 5th Avenue in Akron, Rocky’s Market receives a $500 agent bonus for selling a five of five winning ticket. The other winning ticket sold in this game was purchased at Danner Supermarket in Dayton. That ticket has not been claimed. Located at 1233 Danner Avenue, Danner Supermarket also receives a $500 bonus for selling a five-of-five winning ticket.

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