The Ohio Lottery Release Detail

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Let's Count the Ways

COLUMBUS – When it comes to winning Ohio Lottery games, six players are counting the ways. Larry H. Long of Lima won $110,000 after having two tickets that matched all five numbers drawn in the January 31 Rolling Cash 5 game. Jean K. Trautwein of Galena won a $100,000 top prize scratching the Mega Millions instant game ticket. Lillian R. Howard of Otway won $20,000 on the Million Dollar Multiplier. Charles R. Hemmer II won $10,000 on the $200 Million Club. BunDoeun Chea of Columbus won $5,500 on Money Maker. David W. Cantor of Worthington won $5,400 playing Pick 4.

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent Long receives $75,900. Trautwein receives $69,000. Howard receives $13,800. Hemmer receives $6,900. Chea receives $3,795. Cantor receives $3,726.

Long purchased tickets from Jerry’s, 1432 Allentown Road in Lima and Low Bob’s Discount Tobacco, 1906 Latham in Lima. He picked the numbers. They were 2-6-14-17-19. Both retailers receive a $500 agent selling bonus for selling five-of-five winning tickets. Trautwein purchased the top prize ticket from Chalet Pizza, 10708 Gorsuch Road in Galena. Chalet Pizza receives a $1,000 bonus for selling a top prize winning ticket. Chea is automatically entered into a top prize drawing for $100,000.

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