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Holding On to a $250,000 Secret

YOUNGSTOWN - The wife of a Salem resident knows how to keep a big secret. Robert C. Senior bought a $250,000 second–tier prize winning ticket on the 12-20-11 Mega Millions’ game, but he could not read it without his glasses. His wife knew it was a winner, but she didn’t tell him. She held onto the ticket and finally revealed that it was worth a second-tier prize after the holidays.

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent, Senior receives a check for $172,500. He says he plans to be debt-free in 2012.

Senior purchased the ticket at Circle K, 1125 East State Street in Salem. Senior used auto pick. The winning numbers were 22-24-27-45-51. The mega ball number was 3. Circle K receives a $1,000 agent bonus for selling a second-tier prize winning Mega Millions’ ticket.
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