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Cincinnati Woman Wins $500,000 on Holiday Surprise

CINCINNATI - Lorraine Means of Cincinnati purchased a Holiday Surprise instant ticket in November 2010 that automatically qualified her for a chance to win $500,000. Yesterday Means won $500,000, the top prize in the Holiday Surprise TPD drawing. She was one of the seventeen finalists. She was awarded the prize in the Cincinnati regional office.

After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent are withheld, Means receives a check for $345,000. Means purchased the ticket from Murray Brothers Old Time Store, 4444 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati.

Ohio Lottery instant tickets of $5 or more have the TPD feature. If the winning combination on an instant ticket lists “TPD” as the prize, the winner receives an instant cash prize and automatic entry into a drawing for the top prize offered in that game. The drawing comes after the close of the game, which sometimes means that the ticket was purchased a year or so before the drawing actually occurs. Means purchased her Holiday Surprise Ticket in November 2010, at which time she won an instant $5,500 prize. When she made that claim, she was automatically entered into the drawing for the $500,000 top prize.
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