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$50.4 Million Classic Lotto Claimed in Trust

 CENTRAL- The holder of the October 24 $50.4 Million Classic Lotto jackpot has claimed that prize in Trust. Kenneth H. Kinder II is trustee of The Talisman Trust.

The holder of the ticket chose the cash option. The Talisman Trust shall receive a lump sum of $17, 388,000.69 after mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent.

The winning numbers were purchased using the auto pick. The ticket was purchased at Monk’s Cove, 1104 St. Gregory Street in Cincinnati. The winning numbers were 7-11-13-14-23-42. Monk’s Cove receives a $1,000 agent sales bonus for selling a top prize winning ticket in this game.

The odds of winning the Classic Lotto game are 1:13,983,816. Drawings are held Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The last Classic Lotto game was last hit on May 5, 2010. That jackpot was worth $9.5 million.
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