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Classic Lotto Jackpot Makes History Again!

FREMONT, OH - The Ohio Lottery is on a roll when it comes to making millionaires. Last night’s $1 million Classic Lotto jackpot was hit after having a $50.4 million jackpot winner in the Monday, October 24, drawing. The $1-million winning ticket was purchased at Friendship Food Store, 1744 Tiffin Road in Fremont. The holder of that ticket used auto pick and has not come forward to claim their prize.

This is the second time in Ohio Lottery history that the Ohio Lottery has had consecutive hits in the Classic Lotto game. On July 2, 2008 there were 121 rollovers that resulted in a $24.6 million jackpot. Frank H. Pistella of Pittsburgh purchased that winning ticket at Kwik King Food Stores in Steubenville. Then on July 5, 2008, Michael R. Dressler of Cuyahoga Falls purchased a winning ticket from Schmitt Family Food Mart in Cuyahoga Falls. That ticket was worth $1 million.

Last night’s October 26 Classic Lotto numbers were 1-7-18-19-24-38. Friendship Food Store receives a $1,000 agent sales bonus for selling a top prize winning Classic Lotto ticket. In Monday’s drawing, the winning ticket was sold at Monk’s Cove, 1104 St. Gregory Street in Cincinnati.

The odds of winning the Classic Lotto game are 1:13,983,816. Drawings are held Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
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