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Lots of Zeros in Winning in Cincinnati

A Lot of Zeros In Winning

 CINCINNATI- There were a lot of zeros when it came to filing claims in the Ohio Lottery’s regional office. Selica M. Barron of Cincinnati won the $1 million prize on Big Money. Jake E. McGhee of Cincinnati won $10,000 on the September 28, 2011 Powerball. Idrissa Thiero of Cincinnati won $10,000 on $5 Million Cash Extravaganza. Carrie L. Staton of Hamilton won $10,000 scratching Money Maker. Angela C. Smith of Trenton won $10,000 on One for the Money.

 Barron chose the cash option and will receive $345,000 after mandatory federal and state withholding taxes totaling 31 percent. McGhee, Thiero, Station and Smith will each receive a lump sum of $6,900 after taxes.

 Barron purchased the top prize winning ticket from Kroger’s, 1 W. Corry Street in Cincinnati. Kroger’s receives a $1,000 agent selling bonus for selling top prize winning ticket.

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