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Claiming the other half

CINCINNATI - Two tickets matched all five numbers drawn in the August 8 $110,000 Rolling Cash 5 game.  J. Faye Deardurff of Mason filed a claim in the Cincinnati Lottery office for his half of the prize, $55,000, having the second winning ticket.
After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent, Deardurff receives a check for $37,950.
Deardurff purchased the winning ticket at Duebbers Drive Thru, 11050 U.S. RT. 50 in North Bend, Ohio. Deardurff picked his winning numbers. The winning numbers were 7-12-17-19-22.    Duebbers Drive Thru receives a $500 bonus for selling a five-of-five winning ticket.
Catherine M. Orr of New Philadelphia had already filed a claim in the Lottery’s North Canton office for the other $55,000. She purchased her ticket from Tobacco Row, 401 E. High Avenue in New Philadelphia. Orr used the auto pick feature to select the numbers. Tobacco Row received a $500 agent sales bonus for selling a five of five winning ticket.
The Ohio Lottery is actively seeking winners of all prize levels to share their stories. Players with an interest in telling theirs can contact the Ohio Lottery at
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