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Eight Winners in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI - Eight residents in the Cincinnati area have won prizes after playing Ohio Lottery games. See the list below for names of winners, names of the games, prize amounts before (gross) and after (net) mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent..

Name Game Gross Net
Isidro See 3/25 Mega $10,000 $6,900
Eliot Isaac 3/18 Mega $10,000  $6,900
Ruth Spinelli Quick $100 $10,000 $6,900
Eva Wolfe Big Money $20,000 $13,800
Leanne West $150 Million Blockbuster $20,000 $13,800
Fred Fick Bingo X 10 $50,000 $34,500
Ken Lerch Keno $5,002  $3,451.39
Marcus  Webb Ten-Oh $6,000 $4,140

The Ohio Lottery is actively seeking winners of all prize levels to share their stories. Players with an interest in telling theirs can contact the Ohio Lottery at
Since 1974, the Ohio Lottery has raised more than $17 billion to support K-12 education across Ohio. The Lottery’s fiscal year 2010 transfer to the Lottery Profits for Education Fund was $728.6 million. Visit www.Ohiolottery for more information.

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