Helpless to Inspiration

by Kristin B.
When I was 20 I became homeless due to late rent three times that year. I was a single mother of three little ones and didn't know what to do. After beating my demons and stepping up my game, I now give to the homeless. Last year I threw my first Thanksgiving Fundraiser to make money to buy toys for underprivileged children at the Share the Warmth event that's thrown by the Anchor House here in Alliance, Ohio. But, the event was held in Canton, Ohio. I'm an administrator to a People Helping People group, I'm part of the planning committee for the Anchor House and I'm apart of Michael's Closet, a volunteer based nonprofit organization to help provide and deliver clothes/shoes/underwear/socks/coats/dressed etc. My point is... sometimes you can take a tragedy and turn it magical... for others. I gave away $350 worth of brand new toys all on my own did my fundraiser all on my own. I never asked for a thank you. I just know how it feels! God bless!
Alliance , OH