by John F.
Three years ago, my son and his friends were playing on an 8-year-old travel baseball team with coaches and parents yelling, screaming and tearing down anyone who wasn’t their child. My son is a good player and no longer wanted to play baseball. Another father and I decided to take our talents and start LCX, using the positive coaching techniques we’d heard so much about, but rarely saw in practice. We invited hard-working kids and parents we knew had good values and started our own organization of competitive baseball. We had some bumps and bruises early in the season and it took multiple tournaments to get a win. We continued to promote hard work and learning to play the game the right way. In our last tournament of the year we won our pool play and made it to the championship game. The kids learned so much and grew together as a unit. They pick each other up and truly care for one another. Almost all of the kids returned for year 2 which is the best sign of the whole process.
Mentor, OH