Relaxing Retreat

by Theresa M.
It has been awhile since my older sister and I have had the chance to go away for a weekend together. With our husbands and children, the opportunity to do a getaway is few and far between. This summer however, we were fortunate enough to go to a wonderful place called the Inn at Honey Run in Millersburg, Ohio. This place offered a soothing retreat right in the middle of nature with plenty of trails to walk and explore. Everything about the trails was picturesque and breathtaking. One of the trails through the forest offered an outdoor art museum, which is something I have never seen. During our hikes we encountered wild turkeys, deer, beautiful butterflies and so many different species of song birds. Just the chance to be one with nature again gave me a feeling of tranquility that I will none soon forget. This adventure has left me longing for more and has inspired me to take my son to explore our many hiking trails available to us near our home!
Cincinnati, OH