Hiking: Ohio Open To The Public

by Ed D.
I was paralyzed from the neck down caused by a central cord compression accident in late 2016. Rehabilitation had to literally teach me how to walk again. It became apparent to me that my physical activity may solely be in the act of simple hikes. That's when l realized, via searching the internet, just how rich our state is in its outdoor offerings. Now, we travel far and wide to different trails and parks, not only for the exercise, but to soak in each sites undeniable, unique beauty. I have adopted this as my participation sport. There are no age limits. Toddler to retiree can still share a common playing field. Walking. l almost lost forever the ability to do such a "taken for granted" activity one fateful evening, now l participate in hiking, my sport of choice, for the cardio workout and the sensory enjoyment. Explore Ohio. We're free and open to the public.
Howard, OH