You Are Never Too Old to Learn

by Debra P.
My story begins with my love of learning. I have always enjoyed learning new things and feel that I learn something new every day or at least try to. As a teenage mother, I worked hard to stay in school and graduate with my classmates in 1975. I did achieve that goal, but college was not to be at that time in my life. After high school and one failed marriage and three children, I met the man that would be the love of my life! We married (my second and his first) and had another child (my fourth and his first). After 26 years together, my husband fell ill at the age of 48. I had spent 24 years in the healthcare industry in various roles and venues. My husband had always encouraged me to get my nursing degree, but it never felt like the right time. Now that he is home and my children raised and on their own with families, I have returned to school! This is my time to further my education. I am a full time nursing student and all though very challenging, at 61 I'm learning every day.
Xenia, OH