Noah’s journey

by Amanda P.
My Name is Noah. I’m now 4. My journey started when I was only 1. I am a cute red headed little boy. I decided to get into a few things I shouldn’t and got sick and was taken to the hospital. They gave me medicine to make me better. That’s when I met my foster parents, who I call mom and dad. I was a sweet happy little boy. I finally had a warm bed and food any time I was hungry. I started to gain weight and started talking more. My mom and dad love me more than I can ever dream of. Then after 19 months I had to go live with my birth mother. I had to try to find food again and eat out of the trash again. I didn’t get showers or fresh clothes. Then one day my foster mom came back and got me. I’m now 4 years old and my foster mom said I’m never leaving again. That she will always be there for me to keep me warm, happy and healthy. I love my Mommy and Daddy. After everything I have been through, I’m very sweet and my mom says I have a big heart. I now get to be a child and enjoy my childhood
Ironton , OH