50 races in 50 states

by Kathleen E.
My new beginning began on October 6th, 2017 at 5:18 pm when my vibrant, intelligent, full of life and adventure-loving husband passed away from complications of early-onset Alzheimer's. Jack and I first started dating in 9th grade and were married for 26 years. Jack had taught biology and coached track to high school students for over 32 years before he retired and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. In order to keep him active while living with the disease, I started doing 5K races with him in different states to let him enjoy traveling. Unfortunately, he was only able to complete a few states before he had to stop. My goal is to finish a race in all 50 states in his honor and at this time I have completed 18 states. I only started running 4 years ago so this is a major accomplishment but one which I know Jack would be proud of.
Grove City, OH