Reaching For The Stars

by Pam F.
Doug is my son with Cerebral Palsy and he wanted to head up a group to help others like him. He is non-verbal so this posed a problem. I agreed to help him by being Vice President. We gathered friends in the Greater Cincinnati area with Cerebral Palsy and became the area branch of a national group of Reaching For The Stars (out of Alpharetta, Ga.). Our group decided to make lemonade stands and on hot, sunny days, set up the stands at Kroger stores (they loved us there!) so that people could "see" what Cerebral Palsy looked like! Everyone fell in love with the group;one person took orders with my non-verbal son (that was fun- the drivers see the way he communicates!!), one person filled pink lemonade, one filled yellow lemonade and one delivered the drinks to the customers! We had people circling around for more! The group enjoyed the Kroger employees as they came to get refreshed while pushing those carts! The proceeds go to fund much needed research!!
Cinti, OH