Henry the Hound

by Jennifer K.
We had lost our 13 year old rescue beagle to bladder cancer. Six months had passed, our hearts were still raw, but we were finally ready to welcome another rescue beagle into our home. I was using a dog finding app and I see a pic of this tiny little hound. I emailed the contact info and come to find out that he was in a prison. He was enrolled in an eight week dog-inmate boot camp at the Lancaster Correctional Institute. He was placed there by a kind soul that runs the Perry County animal shelter because they could not get him adopted. This was his last chance. Barb at the shelter sent me a long email telling me his story. Her friend had gone out to the country to look at a blue tick hound dog. She heard howling on the property and inquired. The guy said he was about to put down the two remaining beagles from the last litter. One of them was a runt, not a good hunter. She agreed to buy the hound if he gave her the two beagles. Barb ended up with the runt. Now that runt is my precious Henry!
Columbus, OH