Teaching Values

by alfonso h.
Cookout season is a time where I get to teach my children how to cook. I show them the value of family and togetherness. We get the opportunity to be outside and play games, corn hole, ride our bikes and the most anticipated water balloon fight. My children love the opportunity to bombard me with water balloons whenever they can. At this time of year we take advantage of the long days and use every minute of daylight we can to spend time together. Of course firing up the grill is at the top of the list. Fresh corn on the cob, hot dogs, hand made burgers - too big for the bun. On that special occasion we break out the steaks and ribs. My Children inspire me to be a better me, and to show them that life is about living and experiencing. It is not about the things we have and accumulate, but about the good we do and the moments we make and experience together. Cookout season is the best.
Cincinnati, OH