Going home

by Lisa G.
My mom had a rough life. She came to America in 1950 after fleeing the war in Europe. She escaped unharmed, left her family when she was 19, and made Youngstown her hometown. After marrying my dad and raising a family, she was ready to go home to visit her family and friends. In 1986, my mom wanted to go back home to visit. The stories of hardship she shared with me, I will never forget, but I am so glad I went on that journey with her in 1986. My mom is a strong woman. How she survived is beyond me. This would make her Mother's Day. Times are tough; she now has severe arthritis in her right leg, but she's a fighter. She keeps going to therapy and keeps on going. My mom's a survivor and a fighter for being strong and not giving up. She's 89 years old.
Youngstown, OH