by Lindsey W.
My License to practice Social Work in Ohio was due to expire in May 2019. I was supposed to renew in 2017, but a string of low paying jobs literally made it impossible to renew. I know time wasn't on my side. Furthermore, I sweat too much sweat and had many sleepless nights studying for the State Exam; I just couldn't lose my License. Prayer and believing in myself gave me indescribable determination. With what I gained from prior Social Work jobs and my desire to do good and be productive citizen, I felt it would be a shame if I didn't succeed in getting my License back. Besides, the profession needs good, hard working Social Workers in places where they can make difference and I believe in my heart and soul that I'm a good Social Worker. With Prayer and a touch of luck, I was able to land a steady job. Right after receiving my second paycheck, I began buying the necessary items to renew in time. I paid for a Laptop, Printer and CEU classes, studied hard and was able to renew in time.
Toledo , OH