Metal Keno

How To Play

  • Play Metal Keno at all retail locations that have a Touch & Win terminal.
  • You can wager $.25, $.50, $1, $2, $3 or $5.
  • Choose from 2-10 numbers (spots) out of a pool of 80 numbers.  You may also use the Auto Pick feature to select all or some of your numbers.
  • Once the numbers are selected, press Play to begin.
  • You win by matching your numbers(s) to the 20 numbers selected.
  • Matches will be highlighted and glow green, while unmatched numbers appear burnt.
  • A laser bolt will mark and extend over 1 or more spots, during some games.
  • Matched numbers are shown in green and will glow, while unmatched numbers are shown as burnt.

Odds and Payouts

To see the payouts table for your wager, select the tab with your wager to see the payout.