Lucky Bowling: 10 Pins to Win

How to Play

  • Play Lucky Bowling: Ten Pins to Win at all retail locations that have a Touch & Win terminal.
  • Choose your wager.  You can wager $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or $10.00 
  • Press Play to begin.
  • Three Pin Cards are automatically dealt.
  • Tap the Ball Card Deck to deal each of your cards or tap Reveal All to deal all three cards instantly.
  • If your card is higher than the card above it, you win the corresponding prize.
  • You may win up to three times.
  • Reveal a STRIKE bonus card to play the bonus where you have a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot!
Lucky Bowling: 10 Pins to Win Bonus
  • In the bonus, press the TAP button.  Win the prize that corresponds directly to the number of pins knocked down.
  • If all the pins are knocked down in the bonus, you win the progressive jackpot that corresponds to your wager selection!

Odds & Payouts

Bet Amount Base Top Prize      % of Jackpot        Estimated Jackpot
$1 $100.00 10% $1,000
$2 $200.00 20% $2,000
$5 $500.00 50% $5,000
$10 $1,000.00 100% $10,000