Cash Explosion Cashword

Game Number: #670

How To Play

1. Scratch YOUR 18 LETTERS one at a time to reveal a total of 18 LETTERS. 2. Scratch each letter in the CASHWORD Puzzle that matches YOUR 18 LETTERS (letters may appear more than once in the CASHWORD Puzzle). 3. Completely uncover three or more words in the PUZZLE by using YOUR 18 LETTERS and win the corresponding prize shown in the prize legend. 4. A "word" in the PUZZLE must contain at least three (3) letters. 5. A "word" in the PUZZLE cannot be formed by linking letters diagonally or by reading the letters from right to left or from bottom to top or by using only a portion of the letters in a complete "word" (i.e. "TON" within "STONE" is not an eligible word). 6. Letters combined to form a complete "word" must appear in an unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence within the same puzzle. 7. Letters matched in the PUZZLE to form a "word" can only be used to form any complete "word" horizontally or vertically. To form a complete "word", you must match all of the letters within a possible "word" within the space allotted. Reveal a prize amount in the BONUS PLAY box and win that amount. Reveal an ENTRY symbol in the BONUS PLAY box to become eligible to appear on our TV GAME SHOW!

Overall odds of winning: 1 in 4.22

(670) Cash Explosion Cashword $2
Prizes Remaining TPD Status
$ 20,000.00 30
$ 2,000.00 15
$ 1,000.00 46
$ 500.00 89
$ 200.00 636
$ 100.00 1,524
$ 50.00 6,298
$ 25.00 82,275
$ 20.00 126,278
$ 10.00 256,959
$ 5.00 394,232
$ 4.00 1,052,111
$ 2.00 1,295,677
ENTRY TICKET 3,352,736
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