The Ohio Lottery KENO Booster

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KENO Booster

How to Play

  • Players may select Booster for a chance to increase their winnings.
  • The Booster costs an extra dollar for every dollar wagered.

    Example - Players wager $5 on a 6-spot play. The customer requests Booster which adds $5 to the original wager. The total cost of the $5 wager plus the $5 Booster is $10.

    The Lottery draws the 5X Booster number. The customer matches the 6-spot wager and wins the top prize of $1,100, which becomes $5,500 due to the $5 wager. Since a Booster was also purchased and the Booster number was 5, the customer's winnings are multiplied by 5 for a total prize of $27,500.

Text "KENO" to 20731 to learn how to play!

How to Win

  • Booster may boost winnings 2x, 3X, 4X, 5X, or 10X! - 1X Booster does not boost a player's winnings.
  • The Booster number applies to all prize levels, including the top prize.
  • The Booster number will be displayed before every KENO draw.
  • The KENO prize liability cap of $20 million for any one drawing also includes Booster.
Booster Multipler Odds
Booster Multiplier Odds
10X 1 in 80
5X 1 in 27
4X 1 in 16
3X 1 in 16
2X 1 in 2.5
1X 1 in 2.3


Winning numbers can be viewed live at KENO monitor locations, or on the website within 2 minutes after the drawing.



Tom gave his wife Tammy the surprise of her life when he won $86, 501 on a Rolling Cash 5 ticket.



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