The Ohio Lottery $10 Ten's of Thousands

How To Play


Win Up To $10,000!
Win Up To 10 TIMES!

On Sale Date: September 30, 2012

EZPLAY® $10 TENS OF THOUSANDS is a ROULETTE-themed game that graphically represents a Roulette Table and a Wheel. 

Match “YOUR SPIN NUMBERS” shown on the wheel to the "TABLE NUMBERS" on the roulette table and win the PRIZE AMOUNT marked in the wheel.  Match one of the INSIDE / OUTSIDE BET TYPES and increase your win to the maximum $10,000.

WIN UP TO 10 TIMES PER TICKET!  Each of YOUR SPIN NUMBERS represents a separate spin. You win the prize marked in the wheel for each number you match. As an example, if the prize on your wheel shows "$25", and you match three numbers, you win $25 for each match of YOUR SPIN NUMBERS to the TABLE NUMBERS, for a total winnings of $75!

  • TOP LINE - Match ALL numbers to the Top Row
  • CORNER - Match all 4 Corner Numbers
  • COLUMN - Match ANY 4 in a COLUMN.
  • 01-06 - Match ALL Numbers 01-06.
PLEASE NOTE: The maximum amount you can win on any one ticket is $10,000.

Overall odds of winning: 1 in 3.62
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