Bundle Play

PACKAGE DEAL – Win More For Less!

The new Big Jackpot Bundle Play feature lets you play all our popular multi-state jackpot games in one big package!

Each bundle includes the following games:

  • $2 Lucky for Life
  • $2 Mega Millions
  • $2 Powerball

That’s a $6 value for only $5!

When will the drawings occur for Bundle Play tickets?

The drawings for each game in the Bundle Play package will occur at the next regularly scheduled drawing for each game, based on the time of your purchase.

What is the drawings schedule for games within the Bundle Play package?

Lucky for Life Monday and Thursday
Mega Millions Tuesday and Friday
Powerball Wednesday and Saturday

Can I select my own numbers or use a Bet Card?

No. All selections in Bundle Play are Auto Pick.

Can you cancel Bundle Play tickets?

No, neither the entire Bundle Play purchase, nor any of the individual tickets can be canceled at any time. 

How will I know the ticket I have is part of a Bundle Play?

The Bundle Play tickets will be numbered "1 of 3" through "3 of 3."

How long do I have to redeem a winning Bundle Play ticket?

All Bundle Play tickets are valid for 180 days from the date of the drawing.

What about prizes in Bundle Play?

Normal prizes will be paid for any Bundle Play winning ticket.

Where can I play Bundle Play?

Bundle Play can be purchased at all licensed Ohio Lottery retailers, utilizing the Coronis HEE or Microlot terminals, and at any Ohio Lottery touch screen, self service multi-play station.