F-U-N money It's life-changing-do-what-you-want money.
$24 Million
$159 Million
$12 Million
What $1,000,000 gets you
What $5,000,000 gets you
What $10,000,000 gets you
What $20,000,000 gets you
10 trips around the world in a private jet
1 copy of the first ever comic book
3 ferris wheels
1 million packs of gum
50 public university degrees
5 two-bedroom homes in Columbus, Ohio
1 island in Figi
More than 30,000 trips to a theme park
Your own airport
Living the van life for 20 years
5 floating beds
3 art museums
William Shakespeare's signature
60 go-kart tracks
40,000 years worth of ice cream
Fund a broadway musical
10 high-end firetucks
A 1932 Classic Italian roadster
5 backpacks made of gold
1/10th of a super computer
1 Scottish castle
A luxury NYC penthouse
Sit back and do nothing
80 trips into space
5,000 bags of luxury ice cubes
Buy every ticket to a stadium show
1 private jet
Live the rest of your life on a cruise ship
F-U-N money What-I'd-Do-With-My-Millions Generator

The freedom to skip work and ride rollercoasters. The courage to tell your boss his sweaters are ugly. This is what you do when you have F-U-N money. And playing any of these Ohio Lottery games is your best shot at having enough cash to fly privately to Belgium, just for chocolate.

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"That’s build-a-gold-plated-bathroom-in-your-cubicle-money."
"That’s hire-a-chauffer-to get-ice-cream-for-a-year money."
"That’s a-basketball-court-that-doubles-as-a-skate-park money."
"That’s ride-a-giraffe-to-change-a-lightbulb money."
"That’s a-professional-fireworks-show-every-time-you-floss-money."
"That’s get-a-band-to-play-your-theme-music-when-you-walk-into-a-room money."
"That’s build-a-waterslide-to-your-best-friend’s-house money."
"That’s hire-a-Hollywood-director-to-make-an-action-movie-about-your-dog money."
"That’s commuting-to-work-in-a-blimp-with-your-name-on-it money."
"That’s rent-out-Times-Square-for-your-40th- birthday-party money."
"That’s bat-cleanup-on-your-own-minor-league-baseball-team money."
"That’s build-an-army-of-cute-fuzzy-robots-to-do-your-chores-forever-money."
  • $1 Million
  • $5 Million
  • $10 Million
  • $20 Million
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