Voluntary Exclusion Program FAQs

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What is the Self Exclusion Program?
The Ohio Voluntary Exclusion Program (Ohio VEP) is a program that allows you to voluntarily agree to refrain from entering an Ohio racino or casino.

How can I add my name to the VEP list?
In order to participate, you must fill out the application form in person at either a Racino or casino location. Arrangements for an alternative location can also be made by contacting the Ohio Lottery Commission or Ohio Casino Control Commission (Ohio Commissions).

Am I excluded for life?
You can choose to exclude yourself from a racino or casino for a period of one year, five years, or lifetime. If you choose one or five years, the exclusion will not end unless you request removal.

Do I have to complete the application in person?
Yes, the application must be completed in person, and an Ohio Commission employee will ask you a few questions to ensure that you are enrolling voluntarily, and you understand the terms of the agreement.

Can a spouse, relative or friend have someone placed on the list?
No, this is a voluntary program and only you can complete the application.

Can I still work at a racino or casino if I place myself on the list?
Yes, but you must notify one of the Ohio Commissions prior to starting a job.  If the job is at a racino you must contact the Ohio Lottery Commission and if the job is at a casino, you must contact the Ohio Casino Control Commission. However, you may be in the racino and/or casino only to perform the duties of your employment and may not participate in any gaming or wagering.

Who can access information on the list?
The only people who will have access to your information will be the racinos, casinos, the Ohio Commissions.

Will my name be released to the public?
No, your name and all other information will remain confidential and cannot be released to the public, including your family and friends.

What kind of information is on the application?
You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number, email address, social security number, date of birth and driver’s license or government ID number. You will also be asked to give a brief physical description, and a photo of you will be taken when you complete the application. We will ask you questions to verify that you understand the program and that you are signing up for it voluntarily.

May I bring someone for support when I apply?
Yes, you may bring someone with you for moral support, but the interview must be completed privately with a Commission staff person. This insures that the information remains confidential and your rights are protected.

What happens after I submit the application?
Once you complete the application, it will be reviewed by Commission staff. Valid applications will be entered into the database and your information will be given to the Ohio racinos and casinos. Once your information is received by the racino and casino operators, your name will be removed from all direct marketing and your player cards, if any, will be inactivated.

What happens if I violate the contract and visit a racino or casino?
If you are found in an Ohio racino or casino, you will be asked to leave and could be subject to arrest and a criminal action for trespassing. You will also be required to surrender any winnings owed by the racino or casino.

If I place my name on the list, does this mean I can't go to a racino or casino in another state?
No. By placing your name on the Ohio list, you are only excluding yourself from Ohio racino or casinos. However, some racinos or casinos may have policies that restrict you from all their racinos or casinos in other states.

Can I get off the list?
Yes, if you are enrolled in the one or five‐year exclusion period. In order to be removed from the Ohio VEP, you must complete and submit a Request for Removal form to either Ohio Commission.

Help is Available

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