Application Procedures

Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal. To ensure that all proposals are evaluated thoroughly and efficiently, our standard Application and Submission Template document is required. To be included in the Ohio Lottery’s Partnership Program, prizes for MyLotto Rewards® must be included. When submitting prizes to be considered for the MyLotto Rewards club, please use the Prize Submission Template spreadsheet.

Below are some specific instructions to consider when composing your submission.

Activation Submission Template – When preparing your partner proposal, use the Activation Submission Template. This document is set up with the intention of organizing your proposal. Things to consider:

  • For the purpose of these proposals, an “activation element” is defined as any promotional inventory or opportunity (aside from prizes) being offered to the Lottery.
  • Each area that is captured in parentheses should be filled in by the submitting representative, based on the prompt within the parentheses. Any parenthetical areas that are not applicable should be removed by the submitting representative.
  • When filling out the Partner Metrics portion, please provide as much information as possible
    • Psychographics are classifications of people according to their attitudes, aspirations and other psychological criteria.
    • Demographics are statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it.
  • The template includes a variety of typical areas of activation elements (e.g., on-site, broadcast, digital). Similar types of elements should be grouped together.
    • Acceptable proposals are not required to offer activation elements in each of these areas; areas that are not covered in your proposal can be deleted entirely.
  • Any elements included in a proposal that would be considered added-value should be noted as such and included in the appropriate section of the template. Otherwise, the Lottery assumes that the potential removal of a specific element would coincide with a reduction in the overall investment.
  • If multiple organizations represented by the same person are being submitted for consideration, they should be submitted separately.
The Lottery seeks a variety of activation elements to make partnerships successful. These elements should include high-profile, in-venue placements to raise awareness of Lottery programs, plus presence on digital platforms to provide the opportunity to direct fans to Ohio Lottery’s own platforms.

Metrics List The metrics request list is simply meant to be a guide to the type of detailed information the Ohio Lottery is seeking. Applicants should not fill out the metrics request list.

ApplicationWhen filling out the application, view each section and consider whether you meet the qualifications for that given box. Some questions require further information based on your answer; if you need to provide more information, fill in the box or attach a document with the additional answers. The application should be filled out referencing the potential partner, not the representative.

Prize TemplateThe Lottery works with its partners to offer members of its MyLotto Rewards club the opportunity to win prizes and experiences. Potential partners are required to submit a proposal for prizes in addition to the submission template.

In the case that a potential partner is only submitting prizes for consideration and not activation elements, the application must still be completed, but not the submission template.

The Lottery seeks prizes in the form of unique experiences, event tickets, memorabilia and common-use items. When filling out this form, please provide:

  • Description of each prize
  • The quantity of each prize offered
  • The date, if applicable, for each prize
  • The price per item and total pric
  • The taxable value of the prize (the taxable value of the prize should reflect the hard, out-of-pocket cost associated and not the experiential value)
  • The fulfillment method of the prize

For more information, or if you have questions about the new Ohio Lottery partnership evaluation program, please contact Dave Evans, Marcus Thomas [email protected], 216.514.4567.