The Ohio Lottery Mission


To offer entertaining games that maximize profits for K-12 public education.

To create fun and innovative gaming experiences.

  • To adhere to all legal and ethical standards of the State of Ohio.
  • To protect the integrity of the Ohio Lottery with employees, sales retailers and most importantly, players.
  • To honor and maintain the annual commitment to the Lottery Profits Education Fund.
  • To continue to offer to players only games which are fair and equitable in terms of quality, quantity and value of awarded prizes.
  • To promote the accessibility of lottery games among all the citizens of the State of Ohio.
  • To evaluate retailers not only on the basis of revenues generated, but with consideration to their location and the population that they serve.
  • To maximize the excess of revenues over expenses, to judge all expenditures solely on the basis of their contribution to producing profits for the agency, and to make every effort to evaluate and improve operational efficiency.
  • To be always worthy of the public’s trust and respect.

Goal 1:
To meet or exceed commitments to the Lottery Profits Education Fund in support of primary and secondary education in Ohio.
  • Objective: To increase revenues through product research, design, development and support.
  • Objective: To decrease expenses through management of contracts and review of agency operation to identify improvements and efficiencies.

Goal 2: 
The Ohio Lottery Commission will achieve and maintain excellence in our workforce, organization, services and product, through adherence to quality principles.
  • Objective: Improve service to our customers, vendors, and citizens of the State of Ohio.
  • Objective: Improve the efficiency and accountability of prize processing and comply with the provisions of O.R.C. 3770.071
  • Objective: Improve the productivity and accountability of our organization.
  • Objective: To improve the productivity of retailers by reviewing operating procedures, enhancing information exchange and streaming lottery processes.

Our "Performance Ohio" Mission
The intent of Performance Ohio is to collect information that will link to the Governor’s priorities for the state, and be used to monitor progress, identify opportunities and share successes.
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