The Ohio Lottery Lottery Initiatives

Lottery Initiatives

Key Strategic Initiatives

Revised: October 4, 2017
The purpose of the Ohio Lottery’s Key Strategic Initiatives is to realize our vision of being recognized as the most respected lottery organization in America and to accomplish our mission of increasing transfers to the Lottery Profits Education Fund.


Making our products as convenient as possible is a high priority for growth of sales. Wherever our consumers are, we want to be there.  We intend to improve the current experience at retail by enhancing the visual presentation and simplifying retailer processes.  Expansion of the retailer base must focus on quality and sales capability rather than quantity.
  1. Increase our active retailer base with quality locations.
  2.  Make it more convenient to buy Ohio Lottery products including non-traditional trade channels and expanded self-service terminals.
  3. Improve the current customer experience at retail with enhancements to the point of sale (POS) materials.


Corporate excellence is a core value of the Ohio Lottery. The key strategic focus is to improve and streamline business operations through advanced technologies and best business practices.
  1. Improve and streamline business operations with advanced technologies and business best practices.
  2. Position the Ohio Lottery as an industry leader by verifying compliance with best practices and simplifying business operations.
  3. Make retailer and customer integrity enhancements by implementing enhancements to the Ohio Lottery’s equipment, reporting, and enforcement tools.


The Lottery must maintain its current market position, and position itself to widen our customer and retailer base. This is done by keeping up with the lottery industry’s new product offerings and attracting a younger, wider customer base with increased visibility.
  1. Increase gross sales and transfers to the LPEF through product innovations.
  2. Pursue revenue enhancements through new products and markets. by introducing new product lines and exploring new outlets
  3. Manage a viable VLT program at Ohio’s seven Racetracks.


The Ohio Lottery is focused on widening the base of consumers who choose to purchase our products. Keeping our focus on social responsibility and public education initiatives, we expect to reach untapped markets by aligning products with our brand image and providing players with motivating reasons to play.
  1. Reach and motivate new players concentrating near term on the MyLotto Rewards program features and functions.
  2. Expand use of Ohio Lottery digital media as a marketing and operational tool.
  3. Align products with our brand image and marketing campaigns to improve the Ohio Lottery image.
  4. Manage an industry recognized responsible gaming program including a cooperative program (Ohio Responsible Gaming) with the Casino Control Commission, State Racing Commission, and the department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.
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