The Ohio Lottery Public Notice

Public Notice

Public Notice
The Ohio Lottery acknowledges that it maintains many public records used in the administration and operation of state government and is dedicated to responding to all public records requests in a timely and efficient manner.

The Ohio Lottery maintains its public records in such a manner as to allow the general public prompt inspection and/or copies of records within a reasonable amount of time during regular business hours. The Ohio Lottery charges only the actual cost of copying and, if applicable, mailing public records. The following copy fees apply and must be paid in full to the Lottery prior to receiving public record copies:
  • Five cents ($.05) per single-sided page
  • Ten cents ($.10) per double-sided page
  • One dollar ($1.00) per compact disc
The Lottery, at its sole discretion, may choose to waive any and all costs associated with a public records request. Any waiver of costs does not relinquish the Lottery’s right to recover the actual cost of public records requests at any time thereafter.
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