The Ohio Lottery Charitable Gaming

Charitable Gaming

Since September of 2004, the Ohio Lottery Commission has administered and monitored Charitable Bingo licensing in the State of Ohio.

The Lottery’s Office of Charitable Gaming has two basic responsibilities:

1. Licensing and Renewals of existing organizations.

  • A comprehensive database to track licenses and license applications. Interested applicants can apply on-line.
  • Approximately 2,000 organizations have been issued licenses for charitable gaming purposes.
  • New applicants will apply directly with the Ohio Lottery Commission -- as long as they are registered as a charitable organization with the Attorney General’s office.

2. Site Visits.

  • The Ohio Lottery Commission will conduct site visits with license holders.
  • Visits will include a review of records to determine compliance with record-keeping requirements.
  • Verification of the source of a licensee’s bingo supplies will be made, ensuring that supplies have been purchased from licensed suppliers.

Charitable Bingo license applications and information are currently available by calling the Attorney General’s Office at (614) 466-3180, or on the Attorney General’s Web site at:

Applications are also available by calling the Ohio Lottery Commission at 800 686-4208, option #4.

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