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EZPLAY BlackJack Winner in North Canton

Strongsville resident wins $50,000 EZPLAY Blackjack prize

 NORTH CANTON – Ritesh R. Patel of Strongsville won $50,000 on the Ohio Lottery’s $5 Blackjack, the Lottery’s
  latest EZPLAY® Game.

 After mandatory federal and state taxes totaling 31 percent Patel receives a check for $34,500.

 Patel, who is also a Lottery retailer, at the Norton BP Food Mart in Norton, Ohio purchased the winning ticket at  
The Outlet Store, 7425 York Road in Parma.  Patel said he was drawn to the $5 Blackjack EZPLAY® Game  because he plays Blackjack when he goes to the casino.
 The day he won the top prize he said he had purchased about $30 in the EZ Play game. He said one of those   tickets  turned out to be a lucky one for him. The $5 Blackjack ticket went on sale July 17. The game offers a  $50,000 top  prize with a prize payout of 69.2 percent.  The overall odds of winning are 1 in 4.11.

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